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New Grumo: SocialSu

Demo video produced by Grumo Media

SocialSu is a straightforward search engine for the people by the people.
All links are added by real warm blooded homo sapiens not cold hearted spider bots.

Results are ranked by people’s real opinions not by complex and inscrutable ranking algorithms (which get continuously updated.. right Panda and Penguin?)
To get your website listed is very simple.

Just add your website title, link, description, and the exact keywords.
Press Save and you are done!

Make sure your keywords are relevant to your website link or people may vote you down
No need to wait to get indexed, people can immediately find you

Now, instead of worrying about pleasing machines you can focus on making people happy!

The people’s search engine

SocialSu - The People's Search Engine

SocialSu - take this! ..cold hearted spider bot!

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  • Carlos Alvarez

    Bueno! Saludos Miguel!

  • Disconnect25

    Thanks for the awesome video Miguel. Your page appears 2nd on google results when someone searches for “socialsu” :)))

  • did this site ever launch? I cant find it on google search or direct link. Wanted tp check it out. YOUR video shows up on search engine wonderfully. Are they still in beta? I am interested in a few videos for my business. Contemplating buying the course while on sale, or to just hiring you.

    • Hi Amy,
      SocialSu pivoted and was rebranded with a different name.
      I think they are still figuring out how to go to market.
      We can definitely help you produce a video or videos for your business. Just get in touch clicking on the “Get a video” button and we will get back to you as soon as possible.