Foro is a buy/sell marketplace for students that allows credit card payments, social identity, product search notifications, and provides a superb mobile experience.
Foro is a local startup here in Vancouver founded by two extremely talented Computer Science UBC students, Ali Saheli and Bio Cho.

Grumo is an investor in Foro

What? yes you heard it right!
But why? Because Ali and Bio are awesome (geniuses), their product is awesome (great potential, beautifully executed), they are local (go Vancouver!), and because it perfectly aligns with our mission to help startups succeed (oh yeah!).
[More details to come..]

Foro Video Script

Attention College Students!
Our mobile app helps you turn things you don’t want…
…into things you do want.
What, pray tell, is this futuristic technology?
Say you’re moving into a new dorm and don’t need that old beanbag chair.
Foro, is a mobile app that lets you snap a few photos
…add a description,
…name your price
…and watch the offers from your classmates start rolling in!
Or maybe you’re looking for a bicycle to get around campus
Just tell Foro what you want and it’ll show you who’s selling it and how close they are.
It also tells you if you have any mutual facebook friends and requires a college email address to sign up, so you don’t have to worry about creepy strangers.”
Turn things you don’t want, into things you do want with Foro. The buy and sell mobile app just for college students.

Demo video produced by Grumo Media.

Foro: turn stuff you don't want into stuff you do want!
Foro: turn stuff you don’t want into stuff you do want!