Passions fade and why that is a good thing

(This is and excerpt from a previous article named 5 steps that will help you discover your true passion.)

Passions fade away and that is good

I don’t think all passions are timeless, they do fade away and that is good, we evolve and our passions do too.

For some reason the romantic part of us loves the forever and ever happy ending stories.
Well, they are a bunch of dung. People change, in fact we better change, Change means you are evolving, that you are alive.
Rocks don’t change. Are you a rock? no, you are a living breathing animal. You will change no matter what.

Even if you sit on your ass for 75 years, guess what, time will change you. Your body will change.
Your mind should change too, your opinions, tastes, and of course your passions.
I don’t have to convince you of this because you already know it. I am just trying to stop you from deluding yourself again thinking that when you find your true passion after doing everything I tell you here, you will be set for life.
Oh I know what to do, cool! let’s do this forever and ever and I will be happy. Forget that bull crap amigo.

You love photography today, 30 years form now and one hundred thousand photos later you will feel very different about models, sets, lights, make up, digital retouching, and angry clients. It may be still a passion but will you be so passionate about it as 30 years before? may be but don’t count on it.

Passions are like love affairs. When they are new they are most exciting, our mind is in a state of ectasis, our blood full of serotonin, adrenaline and tons of other addictive natural chemistry.
Many never settle down with a lover, or a passion because they are addicted to the rush of the new. Find a balance, be a butterfly yes, but build a solid foundation on the process.

Are you a programmer? well become a damn good one. Then change companies, start your own, travel, speak, write. Try paragliding, skydiving, painting, dancing.. but be a good programmer so when the parachute breaks your lines of code can provide an nice cushion for your fall.

And that is all I have for you Sebastian. I hope this explains the path I have followed to narrow down my passions.
However, my passions keep being many, my new one is writing. I actually have enjoyed writing this article tremendously.

I used to write so much when I came to Canada. I wrote letters to my friends back in Spain, to my mom and relatives, but mostly to my first love Cristina.
I wrote a letter to her every week for over a year. In total, I wrote to her close to 50 letters, each 10 pages long or more, both sides, filled with love words and detailed experiences on a new country. We were so in love and only six months after we started dating I was on a flight to Canada.
I saw her again 6 years later. We both were dating new people. But so much of us was poured into those love letters.
I still keep hers, reading them shows me how much we have changed. Oh falling in love for the first time.. hehe.

My wife says that I put so much romanticism on those letters that I ran out of romance. She is right in part, that part of me left long time ago sealed in 50 envelopes now probably lost somewhere in the middle of La Mancha, Spain.

We should embrace change because it is the best indication that we are actually living our lives and not letting our lives live us away.

Cheers to you finding out your true passions after making many mistakes. Go out and live life!

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