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Panda Premium Assistance

I'm very proud of this Grumo demo video for 2 reasons:
1. It turned out awesome and producing it was a blast.
2. Panda Security is the 4th largest antivirus company in the world and was founded in 1990 in Bilbao, Spain.
For those that have been following the story of Grumo Media you may already know that Bilbao is a very special place to me. But Why? because Bilbao is were I was born and raised! oh yeahhh! Viva al Athletic de Bilbao!!! 😉

Everybody loves technology,
except when it misbehaves.
That's when it's a job for...Panda.
If you're in techno trouble,
just call Panda!
They know what to do.
Dial 800-288-6939 and one of our Panda experts
will fix your problem in a jiffy!
PC problems? Viruses? Spyware? Printer pandemonium?!
Let us help you out!
Tablets! Digital cameras! Internet and Wifi! Email issues!
Panda can fix anything.
Just dial 800-288-6939.
Panda's working day and night, rain or shine.
Solving your problems twenty-four hours a day.
Seven days a week.
Three hundred sixty five days a year.
Panda Premium Assistance.
The Solution to all to your digital nightmares is only.. a Panda away.

Super mega awesome demo video magic handcrafted by GRUMO.

Panda Premium Assistance: the solution to all your digital nightmares!

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