Nuevo Grumo: Que es Layered Security?

Layered Security es el poderoso aliado que tu gente de soporte tecnico necesita para ganar la guerra contra los ataques maliciosos. Con el pasaras menos tiempo arreglando tus ordenadores y mas tiempo asegurando el exito de tu negocio

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Aqui la version en Spanish de Faronics para los amiguetes, juas juas! que paliza traducir e intentar encajar todo.. el castellano usa mogollon mas silabas que el ingles.. mira que cania le meto, parece que estoy leyendo la letra pequenia de los anuncios de medicinas!


This is the Spanish version of the Faronics Layered Security grumo.

This is the first time I’ve been requested to produce a version in Spanish and it has been quite a challenge as Spanish uses about 20 to 40% more syllables to express the same thing.

In order to make it fit it within the same time as the English version I was forced to speak insanely fast in some sections, specially the last part!

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2 thoughts on “Nuevo Grumo: Que es Layered Security?

  1. Anonymous Reply

    woah! was it easy to switch back to spanish after so many english grumos? that was awesome.

    • Miguel Hernandez Reply

      Thanks, it was tricky cause is a multi step process: translation, recording, and synching to existing animation.
      The last part was quite tricky because Spanish uses so many more words to express the same thing. But I managed and the client was very happy that I was able to turn this around in such short notice.

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