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New Grumo: What is HighlightCam?

HighlightCam is an awesome iPhone app that helps you turn your videos and photos into great mini-movies without the need to do any editing.

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  • Yangsunwoo

    This is a great idea and great video!

    • Grumo Media


  • Jim Bannon

    Where was the Travel Service Video?  I wanted to show my wife your “Style” and  could not find the video about a guy traveling to visit his girlfriend.  Maybe I just need to look harder.

    • Miguel Hernandez

      Hi Jim, I think you are referring to the video.

      you can watch it here ->!

  • Karl Danzig

    thanks, but you have spelled the link incorrectly,

    • Miguel Hernandez

      Thanks for the catch, fixed!

  • Miguel Angel Morkin

    Miguel, tus videos son muy buenos! Felicitaciones, tocayo!

    • Miguel Hernandez

      Gracias por visitar mi pagina Miguel!