New Grumo: Tagspire

Animated demo video produced by Grumo Media.

Client Testimonial

Miguel… Just wanted to thank you personally for such great work. We are all very happy with the finished product and I have the utmost confidence that it produce a great buzz for our launch and onward! I look forward to working with you again soon. Lastly, we will certainly keep up our promotion of your firm and have nothing but the best things to say! – Karim Hijazi – Tagspire CEO

Video Script

Your passions, the stuff you love, to buy, talk about, review, and post
not only can get you attention from your followers, friends, and family.

Now thanks to Tagspire it can also make you money!


It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Upload photos of the stuff you love to
2. Tag the products in your photos
3. Share your photos and you are done!

Now all your friends and followers not only can be inspired by your refined taste
they can also buy the products you love, right from your photos, when they click on your tags.

And because Tagspire keeps track of all the sales generated through your tags
you’ll get a commission automatically!

It’s time to get rewarded for your passions..

Turn your photos into cash

Tagspire helps get your rewarded for your passions... oh yeah!
Tagspire helps get your rewarded for your passions… oh yeah!

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