New Grumo Student explainer video:

Alistair Gallop and his partner Lee Fuller just sent me what I think is the best executed demo video from a Grumo student so far.
I mean, if they were not working on their awesome new startup SocialBizzle, I had to hire them to do videos for Grumo!

Here is their awesometastic demo video:

I asked Ali to share with us how was the process of producing this fantastic promotional video:

How long did it take to put together?

Start to finish – 3 weeks

How did you record the voice over?

We took your advice and Lee had to sit under a duvet in his pants in the height of summer (rather sweaty). We actually used a Sennheiser EW-100 lapel mic which we already had and it gives us excellent sound quality. We then tweaked it slightly in Adobe Audition.

What was the hardest part?

Animation wise – videos coming out the bottom of the Bizzle Brain. Overall, just making sure we got our message across whilst keeping the viewer engaged!

What was the simplest part?

Coming up with the funny bits however it was sometimes tricky to transfer that into the script and make it flow.

Where did you find the music?

We didn’t use a soundtrack however used some sound effects from resources listed in your training. Some sound effects were home made (thats me being Neo saying Mr Anderson!!!)

How did you find about Grumo?

Google I think, its hard to remember but I do remember searching for hours on end for this kind of thing and couldnt believe there was an actual resource that gave me exactly what I needed.

What other places online have helped you learn to put together this demo video?

Youtube for general little bits I was unsure on, but your training pretty much covered everything I needed to know to make this happen. If you have some cool ideas, you can 100% combine them with this resource and get results!

You can find out more about SocialBizzle at

Great job Ali! thanks so much for taking the course and producing such an awesome first demo video for your new startup!

Ali and Lee starring in their own demo video, so cool!

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8 thoughts on “New Grumo Student explainer video:

      • Remington McElhaney Reply

        Ahhh! That makes more sense. I was thinking that has to be the quickest anyone’s learned keyframing if they started with no After Effects knowledge. 

        Still very impressive though, because creating start up videos is definitely an art. 

        That helps explain the more advanced animation though!

        • Ali Gallop Reply

          I guarantee you 100%, I had never ever used After Effects or any similar software prior to buying this course!!! I used a bit of Imovie for our videos. I hadnt even purchased after effects until Grumo course told me I had to!!! 

          Obviously everyone will apply it differeently but I think its more important to have the ideas than the skills! 

          • Nicklether

            Hi Ali,

            I am considering doing the Grumo course as I am extremely interested in learning how to create animated promotional videos.

            Being English I am ever the pesimist when it comes to doubting my abbility to emulate something as fantastic as yours.

            Would you say that someone such as myself with no experience in graphics, animation, story boarding etc has a hope in hells chance of creating something half decent? 

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Pretty slick indeed. I love how visually rich the whole socialbizzle brand is.

    Much success!

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