New Grumo: Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a magical web service that organizes all of the things the world already knows about the future.

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Philip is an analyst who gets paid to make sense of the world and make predictions about the future.
And he wants to be the hero who governments… …businesses …and anythings…
…come to for superhuman insight into their most complex problems.
Trouble is, there’s mountains of information so he spends tons of time sorting through it and very little time analyzing.
If only there was something that could help him with all this data and better see the future.
WELL there is..
Recorded Future is a magical web service that organizes all of the things the world already knows about the future.
And it works…like this:
It collects information from hundreds of thousands of the web’s top sources, like big news sites, blogs, government sites and trending social media gurus…
…and records anything happening in the future. Like upcoming events, dates, and it even seeks out key words in articles that refer to the future – like “two weeks from Friday” or “next month.”
So whether Philip is researching political conflicts, the price of oil, or something like new product releases, he can go to…
…enter his subject, search by what’s happening tomorrow, next week, or any time.
Recorded Future also suggests smart questions to help with your search.
And when you’re on the home page you’ll find tools like maps, charts, and graphs, that help you quickly understand and analyze the results.
Over time, it adapts to your areas of interest and seeing the future gets even easier.
So if you want to be the big hero who governments……businesses …or anythings
…come to for superhuman insights, start using Recorded Future today.
Unlock the predictive power of the web.

Recorded Future: become a future predicting super hero (Disclaimer: cannot predict the lottery.. yet)

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  1. Juan Pablo Rodrigues Reply

    Hi Miguel! My name is Juan Pablo, I´m from Argentina. I really like your video!!!
    Please check my last video:

    I did it with After Efects and PhotoShop.
    I would like to know your opinion!!

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