NameDrop: Auto-Fill For Life

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Forms. Forms. And more forms.

We fill out zillions of them in our lifetime.

Writing the same information in tiny little boxes over and over again.

It’s a time-wasting, paper-wasting, error-prone, and totally and completely outdated thing to do.


Forms are on the brink of extinction.

Thanks to NameDrop.

Next time someone hands you a form, just look for the NameDrop logo.

Tap, and boom, the right information is instantly shared with the business.

And what if someone is taking your info over the phone? Yup, it works there too.

Never again will you have to spell out your name.

D as in Dinosaur. A as in Acorn, NO. Everything will just appear right on the businesses’ screen.

Putting your name down at a restaurant, entering to win a car or, filling out a super long form to buy a new car.

No matter how much information someone needs, you can just zap it to them.

And it’s all encrypted and totally secure to keep it safe from the bad guys.

So, download NameDrop today and say goodbye to old school forms.

NameDrop – Auto-fill for life

Download NameDrop today and say goodbye to old school forms!

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