Music video in Madrid for my friends

Yesterday I shot a music video for my friends Zigor and Dani in Madrid. Last Year I shot another one and we had so much fun that we decided to try again this year. Here is the whole team after 10 intensive hours recording.

Group foto after a hectic day of shooting

Zigor and Dani moved a couple years ago from the Basque Country to Madrid in search of bigger and better things. They met in Madrid, became really good friends a decided to start a rock group called elpuntomuerto (yes, all together in lowercase.. Zigor’s idea).

I’ve been 15 years in Canada and I love to visit back every summer providing time and money allows me to do so.
Every year it is full of adventures and I feel really lucky to keep such great friendships even after so many years.

Me directing Zigor and one of our top models for the video, Ingrid.

I cannot think of something more satisfying than doing something creative with your friends.
Shooting a music video is not only a fun experience but the end result, the actual video (which I should start editing soon!) will become a beautiful lasting memory of this time for years to come.

To stay up to date with the elpuntomuerto and this music video check out their Facebook Page.

Trailer for the Madrid music video

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3 thoughts on “Music video in Madrid for my friends

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Must have been hella fun for you to go old school and do relive past work experiences. Can’t wait to see the end product and enjoy your vacation.

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