New Grumo: Microsoft ALM

Microsoft Visual Studio already has all the tools you need to fine tune your company’s ALM engine so you can get ahead again and win the race!

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Your ultimate goal is to produce great applications, make users happy, and make profits, right?
However, no matter how hard you try, your company keeps falling behind its competitors
It’s time to diagnose what is not working..
by taking a look at your current Application Lifecycle Management,
Let’s see, you have three distinct teams involved in your application lifecycle.
Users/Stakeholders, Developers, and Operations.
You listen to your Users/Stakeholders to define what to create.
Then your Developers take those ideas to create and deliver an awesome software application into the world
And finally your Operations team monitors your application to ensure these guys keep getting the value they paid for in the beginning
So what is the problemo?
Most likely you’ll discover communication barriers among your teams!
When your teams don’t communicate the end quality of your products suffers,
your company starts losing money and customers!
You need to break these barriers pronto!
But how? Luckily Visual Studio already has all tools you need to fine tune your company’s engine
so you can get ahead again and win the race!

Microsoft ALM: Fine tune your application lifecycle management with Visual Studio!

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