Mentor: Sebastian Marshall

Sebastian Marshall is an entrepreneur turned into a self made strategist.
Sebastian is a very prolific writer and on his blog he has written hundreds on insightful articles about strategy, productivity, and finding meaning in life.

Sebastian loves to travel and has been to dozens of countries but despite being on the run all the time he manages to keep writing and reaching out to his readers or anyone that wants some advice.

On one of his posts he invited anyone of his readers to get in touch with him for a 20min Skype conversation.

Sebastian talked to many interesting people, wrote and article about his experiment and again reached out once more to connect with more of his followers.
That time I decided to write to him and share my story.

Sebastian posted my email and eventually we had a great 1 hour conversation over Skype.
Sebastian was in Kuala Lumpur and I was in Vancouver, we exchanged great insights about life, strategy, and blogging.

He inpired me to start writing and since then I wrote a few articles on success, and my own take on strategy.

Sebastian audience is growing really fast. He publishes a beautifully edited weekly news letter called Get Some Victory for people who like winning and victory.

I am a fan of his work and grateful that I had the opportunity to connect with him and share thoughs and advice.
The best way to get to know him is by heading to his blog, susbcribing to his news letter or following him on Twitter at @sebastmarsh.

Thanks Sebastian!

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