Mentor: Richard Miles

Richard Miles is a seasoned CEO and Chief Strategist with a true passion for helping startups launching new products and services.

Richard got in touch with me after finding out about my upcoming Grumo >video tutorial series from a post on Alexis Ohanian blog.

It turns out that Richard’s mission has been and continues to be very similar to Grumo Media’s one.
Where I have a passion to help startups tell their story trough simple, short, fun explanatory videos, Richard has spent over two decades doing the same by working as a marketing strategist and startup consultant.

Richard praised my work and offered his mentorship to help me promote Grumo in the best possible way.
Ironically, although I make a living helping others tells their story, it turns out I am not the best person to tell my own story.

Everyone suffers from this issue, the hardest thing is to know how to sell yourself and that is why we all need as much help from others as we can get.

Richard had some great insights in how to improve Grumo’s message and how to best present our value proposition.
He mentioned that the true value of Grumo is not the technical skill to produce an animated video, but the unique ability to take any concept however complicated it may be and present it in a way anyone can grasp and enjoy.

How valuable is that for your company? it is hard to put a price to it and it is definitely not based on man hours as Richard suggested to me.

So the reason companies come to me is not because I can make cute doodles move on a screen but because I can help the whole world understand the true value of their products and services in a way that people will actually listen and remember.

Looking forward to learn more from this great addition to the Grumo Mentor Hall of Fame!

Cheers Richard!

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