Koubachi – Give your plant a voice

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and light and diagnoses the plant’s vitality to tell you exactly WHEN and HOW to care for your precious plants.

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So you come home from work but before you have time to settle down, ‘Furball’ your cat greets you with a loud Miau! Ok, ok.. Furball wants food, it’s obvious!
But what about ”Beni”, your beloved Ficus? He also needs attention.. before it’s too late.. but plants can’t talk! Well ..until now! Thanks to Koubachi! Koubachi is THE interactive plant care assistant that gives your plant a voice! With Koubachi, your plants tell you exactly what they need, when they need it! How? It’s simple…
Just go to my.koubachi.com or download the app from the App Store
Add your plant from the large plant library
Calibrate your plant once and your done!
Koubachi is very smart and considers the species, climate zone and even the current season. And will send you a notification whenever you need to mist, water, or fertilize your plant.
But there’s more! With the revolutionary Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, you will be able to monitor the vitality of your plants in real time! The Wi-Fi Plant Sensor transmits highly accurate data for soil moisture, light intensity and temperature that helps the Koubachi system calculate with even more precision the best way to keep your plants healthy, blossoming, and happy! So forget about brown-leaved unhappy plants! and always know exactly what your plants need with
Koubachi – Give your plant a voice!

Koubachi - Give your plants a voice and they will sing better than Susan Boyle

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