Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez about the inDinero demo video

Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez for her blog about the process of creating the inDinero demo video.

Basically, Jessica gave me freedom to ask myself my own questions so I had fun (as usual) coming up with funny answers.

Here is the interview (also posted on inDinero’s blog HERE):

Who are you?
My name is Miguel Hernandez, and you kill my father.. prepare to die.
Also known as the founder of Grumo Media the awesome production company behind this video for inDinero and many more!

What is inDinero?
inDinero is a cool online financial dashboard that allows you to track your business financial health from one central location. It works by connecting to all your accounts and analyzing your transactions to give you a detailed overview of how your business is performing.
If you still don’t get it then watch the video! And if you still don’t get it watch this video instead.

Why did you do this video?
Jessica saw my previous Hipmunk video posted on the Hipmunk Blog really liked it and got in touch with me to help her create a video for inDinero.
I was super excited to do this video because as a startup junkie I already had heard many time about Jessica, inDinero and her successes.
I mean she is like the Justin Bieber of Sillicon Valley!

How long it took to produce?
About 3 months. This is 3 to 4 times longer than the average video I produce, but let me tell you, Jessica is a tough cookie to please and she only accepts perfection. This is one of the reasons why she is so successful at such a young age.

How was the process of creating this video?
It was quite a challenge but a great learning experience nonetheless.
Every client has a different approach to the creative process. With most clients I speak once on the phone and I take it from there.

I create the script, storyboard, voiceover, animation and in a couple of weeks I send the the finished animation.
There is usually a couple of revisions, tweaks here and there and we are done.
Working with Jessica was a total different experience.

For her video she was very much involved during each step of the process, revising, changing, and improving.
Jessica very much follows the mantra of the lean startup entrepreneur. Release early and iterate, and iterate until you are satisfied.

This approach slows down the animation process considerably but in the end the results are superb.
Out of all my animations the inDinero is the most polished one so far and the only one that cleverly mixes 3D and 2D in the same video.

How is Jessica in person?
She is tall, I think close to 7 feet. I felt like a midget standing beside her, luckily we were sitting at a coffee shop in Austin, TX so no one really noticed.

Besides that you can tell she is ahead of the game in terms of smarts and maturity. Its hard to believe she is only 20 years old, it really doesn’t seem so. I am not sure how most 20 year old girls are today, but something tells me they are not worrying about how to best run their own multimillion dollar startup. But I am not sure, maybe Jessica follows Justin Bieber on Twitter too, I mean he is so cute and everything.

Where do you see Grumo and yourself in 5 years?
Uh? is this an interview for a job or what?
I see myself side by side with Jessica ruling over the world. Jessica in charge of the world wide inDinero financial dashboard and I as the top demo video producer for people like Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher (getting there), and of course… Justin Bieber.

You keep mentioning Justin Bieber, do you have a crush on him?
What? of course not! I am just very jealous he got so much attention and I didn’t.
I mean, can you believe Bieber has the most wached YouTube video of all time (over half a billion views).. man, I just realized I contributed to getting him more views. Not fair.. and btw I am way hotter than him, don’t believe? then watch THIS.

How tall are you?
WTF? I am awesome and 2 inches tall and this interview is over! I’ve got to go back to Grumo making.

Here is the promo video that Miguel produced for inDinero:

You can follow Grumo Media’s latest adventures at @grumomedia

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