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This is hydrogen—the most abundant element in the universe.

It’s one of the most effective antioxidants with incredible therapeutic potential. Unfortunately, often times it’s chemically bonded to other elements, rendering its benefits useless.

Enter HFactor—hydrogen rich water, created by super-injecting hydrogen gas into purified water at unprecedented levels. Unlike regular water, HFactor’s hydrogen is free-flowing and ready for consumption.

Drink HFactor to receive a boost of hydrogen—the element show to improve circulation, increase performance, and speed up recovery, as well as potentially aid against inflammation and allergies.

Many people have already gone to great lengths in attempting to harness the widely-documented power of hydrogen. But because it’s so light and small in size, it escapes easily through conventional materials, leaving the consumer with marginal effects.

That’s why HFactor comes in an environmentally friendly, aluminum pouch, capable of maintaining the active hydrogen until you’re ready to rip it, and sip it.

Experience super hydration and an enhanced, healthy lifestyle. Drink HFactor.

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Put more hydrogen atoms in your system with H-Factor water.. oh yeah!
Put more hydrogen atoms in your system with H-Factor water.. oh yeah!

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