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Here is how Grumo takes breaks

One of the things I decided when I started Grumo Media was to never take my business and life too seriously.
The authentic me is silly and irreverent like many of our videos.

The other day I was working very hard and hadn't taken a break in over 10 hours..
Then I looked at my wall behind my computer and saw a cleverly placed post-it that says "Have fun! :)"

And here is what I did next..

It took an hour of my time to put the whole thing together.

Just in case I want didn't notice the girl wasn't there but if you squint a bit it looks like it she was there for realz right?

Anyway, I did have lots of fun making a fool of myself and the best thing is that my friends loved it when I posted it on my Facebook.

What are you going to do to break your routine and have fun?

Take a break and do something silly!

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