My new office looks like the International Space Station

Recently I had to move my office to our storage room because of construction being done outside.
Now I work inside what probably is one of the messiest offices in the history of human kind.

Miguel working hard inside Grumo Space Station

The clutter and very confined space reminds be a lot of how the International Space Station (ISS) looks inside.

Sunita Williams greets earthlings from ISS - Photo by NASA

I really miss not having zero gravity though because then I could work on the ceiling where there is less clutter.

Here is a tour video of the ISS by commander Sunita Williams:

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6 thoughts on “My new office looks like the International Space Station

  1. RemingtonM Reply

    Oh man.. I would be freaking out if that was my office! I don’t think I could handle it

  2. Octosys Reply

    Hey Awesome Man..I like to make videos but unable to do them..Could you please tell me how to make it perfect.

    I have a pen tablet for animation,voice over artist and music..but still don’t know how to execute..hey please help me..!

    Thank you

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