Job-Link Wireless System from Fieldpiece Instruments

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media.

As an HVAC-R Technician you can find yourself in some pretty uncomfortable situations.

So you want to get jobs done quickly and accurately, the first time.

But to do that consistently, you’ll need the most advanced tools. A-hem

Well, introducing, the Job-Link Wireless System from Fieldpiece Instruments, a system that will blow your mind.

Here’s what you do…

Hook your Fieldpiece wireless manifold to the outdoor unit and the wireless psychrometer to the indoor unit.

Sync them up with your JL2 transmitter and all measurements are sent to your mobile device.

The Fieldpiece app also guides you through a pre-work inspection and helps you determine the overall condition of the AC system.

You can review findings, and it will even provide suggestions for repair, making it easy to discuss these options with your customer.

You can then make any adjustments based on the live measurements you’re getting from both inside and out.

Once the job is done, you’ll have access to detailed reports you can share with the customer or send back to headquarters.

All of this info is stored in the cloud, so you can access details from past jobs, like reports, pictures, and notes.

It’s like adding a second technician and a personal assistant to every job.

Which means you’ll get jobs done quickly and accurately the first time, and be spending more time in more comfortable situations.

Tools for the Serious HVACR Professional.

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