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Disqus is a commenting platform that powers millions of exciting online communities all over the web including many of the most popular websites and blogs you already love!

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Like many human bipeds, Jack is a man of many passions..
He is a soccer fan, loves Japanese food, but above all he is infatuated with astronomy
He loves to talk super novas, black holes, eclipses and the moon.. oh the moon!
Unfortunately, when he is online, his (facecrack) friends don't quite share his passions..
So where can Jack find more space geeks like himself?

Most likely they are all hanging out on exciting online communities powered by Disqus.
You see, Disqus powers millions of these communities all over the web.
including many of the most popular websites and blogs you already love.

Check this out, Jack's favourite Space Blog is already using Disqus.
Which means, he can engage in meaningful conversations with people that share his same passion for astronomy.

Disqus users can vote up the best comments and even easily mute people that they're not interested in hearing from.  This helps surface the best conversations and keeps the community engaged. This is good!

Disqus users can easily share their favorite comments with friends all over the web and bring them into the conversation.

Let's say Jack gets hungry and takes a sushi break.
Will he miss out on the action? Absolutely.. not!
Disqus will keep him in the loop with automatic notifications.

The beauty of Disqus is that all communities are connected making it super easy for Jack to discover new, interesting conversations on sites all over the web without ever having to make another account.

Finally, Jack gets to make new geeky friends and talk about whatever he loves,
whether it is soccer, sushi, or astronomy!
Really, the sky.. I mean..the moon is the limit, right Jack?

Discover awesome communities

DISQUS: discover geeks like you no matter how geeky you are, right Jack?

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