Miguel Hernandez On Conquering The World: Interview by Sebastian Marshall

I recently reconnected with my friend Sebastian Marshall and after having a great discussion on Skype about business growth strategy, Sebastian suggested to interview me for his blog.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

“On Conquering the World (the whole world)” by Miguel Hernandez, as told to Sebastian Marshall


I see life as a very limited opportunity to enjoy this world. You’re given this opportunity just once — your life. And it’s got a deadline.

Most people aren’t aware of the deadline; they act like they’ll just live forever. But the truth is, every moment you live is one moment less you’ve got for the rest of your life. My biggest fear is looking back and realizing I didn’t try hard enough to make my life the best possible.

I know I’ve got a big deadline — the day I die. And every day I don’t do everything I can to have fun, to take risks, to enjoy, to try new things… that’s a day I basically wasted.

Most people don’t have that mentality, so they aren’t motivated. What motivates most people are deadlines. When you know you’ve got a deadline coming up, you do everything you can to make things work.

But in my life, the deadline is so far away that most people don’t take it seriously, and don’t worry too much about it. But in my case, I always have that in mind. It gives me an urgency to get stuff done.

If you want to get more stuff done than the average person, you’re going to need to take more risks than the average person. I know when I’m taking risks that I’m doing the right thing.


You can check out the whole interview HERE.

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Miguel contemplating the world somewhere in Madrid, Spain.
Miguel living life somewhere in Madrid, Spain.

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