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Viral Video: Racing Inside a Google Auto-Driving Car

This video makes a very strong case to dispel any myths that self-driving cars cannot drive fast and safely at the same time. Once the right technology is in place going faster is just a matter of turning a knob and the computer will simply process information and react faster with no sweat at all. […]

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Viral Video: Light Saber Duel by French Men

You cannot take your eyes off it till the end because it has all the ingredients of a great epic movie. Drama, suspense, high stakes, violence, “great” special effects, an unlikely hero involved, and a tragic ending. We are just missing the princess (may she is the one taping her hero from the safety of […]

Viral Video: Impossible Escher waterfall working

How did he do it? Stats a time of posting (Feb 19, 2011 – 11:05am): Days since posting: 20 Total views: 1,272,481 Comments: 1,420 Likes: 5,227 Dislikes: 58 Here is an illustration depicting how it could have been done: To read more about how it may have been built Click Here. What makes this video […]

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Inspiration: The Girl Effect

This is the kind of stuff I want to help produce. Simple, powerful, emotional, beautiful, and viral. Do you have a great concept for a great cause that can help this world become a better place? Grumo is listening.. Thanks to Richard Miles for pointing out this awesome video to me. Visit the original site […]

Video: 7 Billion People By National Geographic

This is a great example of a video using mostly text, data, and numbers to beautifully illustrate strong facts about population and the imbalance of global resources to the tune of a great track.