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Pencilmation: 1 Million Views A Day On YouTube with Ross Bollinger

Watch this 1 hour interview to meet and be inspired by Ross Bollinger, the creative genius behind Pencilmation, a playful animated cartoon YouTube video series that has been exploding in popularity to the tune of 1 million views a day. In this interview you’ll learn: How Ross started animating What inspired him to start the […]

Grumo’s Top 10 Video Marketing Tips

Here are Grumo Media’s┬áTop 10 Video Marketing Tips that will help you get maximum exposure for your videos the easy way. Here they are amigos! Tip #1: Include your website’s URL at the beginning of the description on YouTube First, you should upload all your videos to YouTube. Why? because is the 2nd largest search […]

The Top Explainer Video Cliche Every Company Should Avoid

Far too often we come across explainer videos that tell us some┬ácompany’s product will “save time and increase sales,” or maybe “save money and increase time,” or some other iteration of this general concept, and each time this statement is uttered, it’s accompanied by the inevitable clock and dollar sign graphics. Don’t tell us you […]