Learn how to make money online teaching what you love.. oh yeah!

How To Make Money Teaching Online

Let’s face it, since the Internet came along learning online has become extremely popular. You can learn almost anything you want online. Just type in Google “how to something..” or “something online courses”, or “something tutorials” and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of resources to satisfy your all your learning desires. Online education[…]


How to Create an Awesome Demo Video the Grumo Way

After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget. I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced. This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video[…]

LabZip Keynote demo video put together in only 2 Days!

Great Keynote demo video sample by LabZip (FREE source files included)

Here is another great Keynote demo video produced by Spencer Forman for a special holiday promotion for LabZip. Stick after the video for an in depth explanation of how this video was put together in just 2 days! So what is the story behind this explanatory video? How long did it take to put together?[…]


How to Date 20 Wonderful Women in 60 Days – A Quick Guide to Online Dating Success

Back in 2008 I was single again after a 4 and a half year relationship and was ready to start looking for a new partner. My younger sister had just become engaged with a fine gentleman she found online and she encouraged me to try my luck at the online dating game too. The timing[…]