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Kasey Lum and the Google Voice video


Kasey Lum is a talented young Motion Designer from Vancouver Film School. Kasey has a unique talent to combine 2D and 3D seamlessly and beautifully within the same animation. I really like his ability to make transitions super fluid and organic and how he can make even the simplest illustration come to life with clever […]

CEO: Miguel Hernandez


Miguel Hernandez is the Founder and CEO of Grumo Media. Miguel founded Grumo Media in October 2010 after producing a spec video for flight search startup which was created while vacationing with the in-laws in Hawaii. Miguel had previously produced only just one video for his Romanian friends from a news reader digest startup […]

Grumer: Ryan Uhrich

Grumer Ryan Uhrich - Motion Designer

Ryan work is breathtaking to say the least. We were very lucky at Grumo to be able to hire his services just before he got busy again after his return to Vancouver this winter. Ryan happened to be the 40h applicant on our first round of hiring and the wait was worth. As soon as […]

Grumer: Jeanette Seah

Jeanette Seah - Motion Designer

Jeanette Seah was the first motion designer to ever be hired by Grumo Media. Jeanette is one of the very few candidates with a reel that excelled in both illustration and motion skills. Jeanette has a deep passion for story telling which is reflected in many of her works. Grumo tasked her with a very […]

Grumer: Zak Cain


Zachary Cain was hired to animate the storyboard for our grumo “Fridge” a really cool upcoming YCombinator startup from New York. There is always a risk to hire someone you have never worked with before. And even more risk, if in like this case he is working remotely in NY and me in Vancouver. Zak […]

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