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Meditation Made Easy: The Step By Step Guide by Karl Jeffery

Karl Jeffery tells us how was his experience creating his course on meditation after taking Grumo’s How to Create an Awesome Online Course. Here is Karl explaining what you will learn on his course: And now Karl shares a bit of his experience creating his first online course: What is the course about? Here’s a […]

How To Be A Successful Online Instructor On Udemy

Last weekend I attended Udemy’s first live event where 150 top Udemy instructors gathered in San Francisco to learn about the past, present, and, most importantly, the future of Udemy. For those that don’t know what Udemy is – Udemy is one of the largest on-demand online course marketplaces in the world today. It started […]

Use these 3 tools to create a top selling online course

Form follows function. This somewhat clichéd 20th century architectural principle is also how successful online instructors build their empires. The framework and teaching techniques that you employ in your online courses need to address what you want your clients to learn and how they are going to learn it. Course design matters and studies show […]

How to sell courses online

Hola Miguel from Grumo Media here, I recently realized I suck as a marketer. Turns out that even after 5 years producing marketing videos for some of the biggest brands in the world and selling over 18,000 courses online I know NOTHING.. Let me explain. I started this year with one goal in mind. To […]

The 4 keys to becoming a successful online instructor

I’ve been teaching online for the last 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and passions with almost 18,000 students. Many people ask me what it takes to be successful as an online instructor. Well, in this article I will share the four keys that I believe have helped me and many other […]