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Feliz Navidad 2011 Amigos!

Miguel and Grumo Say: Feliz Navidad Amigos!

Feliz Navidad amigos! I want to say thank to you all.. my dear clients, students, mentors, fans, and friends for your business, advice, love, and invaluable support! Happy Holidays and see you in 2012 for much more awesomeness! Peace, love, and cookies! Cheers! Miguel PS: Here is a special XMas video message from the CEO. […]

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Grumo turns 1 year old!

Today, Grumo Media turns 1 year old! It was 1 year ago that I created a little spec demo video for while I was vacationing in Hawaii with the wife and in-laws. Little did I know how much my life was going to change 2 weeks later when Alexis Ohanian proudly posted my video on […]

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AppSumo love – 100,000 views surpassed!

Grumo hits a nice traffic milestone just breaking 100,000 page views in the last 30 days! It has taken almost a year to reach these many views and to be fair about 10K of them were generated by an AppSumo deal promoting my Grumo Course. Here is a screenshot from with the evidence: Over the […]

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Be the next startup blockbuster with Grumo! now offering amazing high end 3D demo videos

In true startup spirit, Grumo continues to innovate by pushing the boundaries of demo video production. We are excited to announce a new partnership with to produce amazing 3D ads that will help you promote your startup like never before. Here are 2 samples of the how cool your startup video could look like, […]

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New Grumo Media Look!

Summer is here and Grumo welcomes the new warm and sunny season with a slightly new look for our website. Basically, there are have been 4 minor changes. Take a look: Can you guess what are the changes? Here they are: Logo changed: instead ot having “Grumo Media” in plain text, we used a cooler […]

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Enter the world of beat-promo videos, a revolutionary new way of marketing physical products

A beat-promo or beat-demo is a type of product marketing video in which the sound track is composed by only using sounds created by operating, striking, or rubbing the showcased product with or against a variety of objects or surfaces. In essence, the product is transformed into a musical instrument used to promote the product […]

Here is proof that landing page videos rock – inDinero doubles conversion rates, the online financial dashboard for businesses created by 21 year old Silicon Valley wunderkid Jessica Mah, has come forward with some hard evidence that using video on their homepage has helped double their conversion rates. inDinero has spent two months doing rigorous split testing between a more traditional landing page design and a page […]

The CEO of VideoGenie sings Grumo Media’s praises

Grumo Media just finished another Grumo demo video (watch it HERE) for VideoGenie and who could be better to give a great testimonial than VideoGenie’s very own CEO, Justin Nassiri! Thanks Justin, it was a pleasure to produce another awesome demo video for you too! Do you love Grumo too? Let us know like Justin […]

Learn how to create persuasive explainer videos – Take the Grumo-Mixergy Master Class

After my interview at Mixergy, Andrew Warner asked me to put a 1 hour master class together to teach his premium subscribers how to create persuasive landing page videos. In this class you will learn how to create quick and effective landing page promo videos so you can get more conversions, educate and entertain your […]

Running an Animation Studio by Grumo Media – Interview by Animation Orbit

I was interviewed by Adam Fraser from Animation Orbit about the ins and outs of running an animation studio: Click on the questions to jump to the answer for each: Could you start by telling us by how you got into the animation industry and how you ended up starting Grumo Media? At Animation Orbit […]

Demo video inspired by Grumo – TruPortfolios

Tyler Tomas is a Grumo fan that has created a grumo inspired demo video for after watching my interview on Here it is: It makes me very happy to see my work inspires people to create awesome demo videos. I really like Tyler’s friendly voice and the overall laid back feeling of the […]

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Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez about the inDinero demo video

Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez for her blog about the process of creating the inDinero demo video. Basically, Jessica gave me freedom to ask myself my own questions so I had fun (as usual) coming up with funny answers. Here is the interview (also posted on inDinero’s blog HERE): Who are you? My name is […]

New Grumo: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls for the Demi and Ashton Foundation

A couple of weeks ago Ashton Kutcher approached Grumo to create a video explaining their recent Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign. It has been a great honor and pleasure to produce a video for such a great cause and I hope our small contribution can help make a difference to solve this horrible issue. […]

A Snapshot of the world of Grumo via Storify

Here is my first story about Grumo Media using Storify, I love it! Storify is a way to tell stories using social media such as Tweets, photos and videos. You search multiple social networks from one place, and then drag individual elements into your story. You can re-order the elements and also add text to […]

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Hipmunk Grumo on the news with Adam Goldstein

So happy to see my work and Adam on the same video. Go Hipmunk! Video originally posted HERE.