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Viaje a San Diego

Voy a compartir una casa con un grupo de emprendedores de LA internet y atender al Traffic & Conversion Summit en San Diego. Si quieres ver más vídeos de Miguel suscríbete: AQUÍ.

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Happy Holidays 2015!

It has been a very special year at Grumo. The end of 2015 marks the 5 year anniversary since I started this little demo video production company in Vancouver, Canada. It’s been now 5 fantastic years during which hundreds of companies from all around the world have hired us and trusted us to explain what […]

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This Thursday I’m sharing key lessons I’ve learned in the last 5 years running Grumo Media

Miguel chewing on a wad of $100 bills

Hola Amigos! I’ve spent all this summer creating my biggest Grumo course up to date. It’s called “How to build an awesome online business” with over 100 video lectures where I share everything I’ve learned running Grumo Media for the last 5 years. But before I launch it to the world I was asked by […]

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Gracias a todos! – Madrid 2015

Como siempre me lo he pasado en grande este pasado Abril visitando la patria que me vio nacer en el año de maricastaña. Desde aquí os quiero dar gracias de todo corazón a todos los que me habéis acompañado, alojado, y aguantado en este viaje fugaz que esperemos se repita pronto! Un besote y abrazote […]

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Thank You! – Madrid 2015

As always I had a wonderful time in Spain this past April full of unforgettable experiences. I want to thank all the friends, relatives, and grumo fans that met me and made this trip so much fun! Here is to you all! Dani y Marilu Anartz y Ori Gorka Vazquez Iñaqui Vazquez y Guadalupe Colocomics […]

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Queda con Miguel en Madrid – Abril 1 al 29

Hola amiguetes, bípedos humaoides y fans de Grumo! Voy a estar en Madrid durante todo el mes de Abril (1 al 29) y me encantaría conectar con tantos amigos, alumnos de Grumo, clientes, o personas con mentes afines como sea posible. Si tú también estás en Madrid y quieres quedar para tomar una cerveza/café/fiesta/caminar/sesión nerdy, […]

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Meet Miguel in Madrid – April 1 to 29

Hello grumo fans of the interwebs and beyond! I’ll be staying in Madrid for the whole month of April (1st to 29th) and would love to connect with as many friends, grumo students, clients, like minded humans as possible. If you are also in Madrid and want to meet for lunch/beer/coffee/fiesta/walk/nerding session, etc. you can […]

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Get a Grumo video for half the price! – With the new Startup Plan

Today we are introducing a special discount program for startups. For a limited time, if your startup qualifies, we’ll produce an awesome Grumo demo video up to 90 secs for only $5K. That’s half of our current base price rate! ($10K for a 90 sec demo video.) So how do you qualify? Simple. Just meet […]

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Grumo School is here! – 80% discount on all my courses!

I started creating online courses about 3 years ago. My first course was “How to create awesome demo videos the Grumo way” which now has been taken by close to 18,000 students around the world. Since then I’ve published 5 other courses on animation, WordPress, course creation, and the last one on online dating. Well, […]

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Defining the World the Grumo Way

In an attempt at creative self exorcism I’ve decided to define common terms in the most nonsensical way possible. Due to my handicapped English writing skills, these definitions will be light years away from adding anything valuable to the existing rich English literature and closer to a bunch of improvised thoughts randomly strung together.. or […]

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Ashton Kutcher tweets his love for Grumo

Just one day after I posted my latest grumo for the awesome Ashton Kutcher posted on his Twitter: “this might be my favorite instructional video ever…”. Here is the screenshot of the Tweet: At the time Ashton tweeted about my video he had just over 6 million followers. Within 5 hours that tweet […]

How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business

After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget. I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced. This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video […]

Jason Calacanis praises Grumo Media’s Work

Our demo video for GooseChase made it to This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis. Andrew Cross, GooseChase co-founder delivered an excellent pitch that impressed Jason and his side-kick Taylor and both had nice things to say about grumo’s demo video. Check it out! Thanks Jason, your show rocks!

250,000 Grumo Views Surpassed

At Grumo we like to celebrate little milestones and after 10 months our blog surpassed 250,000 views. Here is a screen shot of the stats: It is a modest success for a small company and nothing compared to the billion page views Facebook gets every micro second.. one day.. one day ahh! Thanks to all […]

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Thank You Message from Grumo CEO

After one year in business Grumo has gathered over 500 loyal and awesome Facebook fans. On behalf of the Grumo team I want to thank all of you for having joined the Grumo family, including our dear clients, Grumo students, friends, and every single one of you. Especial thanks go to my two most loyal […]