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Here is how Grumo takes breaks

One of the things I decided when I started Grumo Media was to never take my business and life too seriously. The authentic me is silly and irreverent like many of our videos. The other day I was working very hard and hadn’t taken a break in over 10 hours.. Then I looked at my […]

What is Love?


This article is part of a blog series where Grumo attempts to define common terms in a nonsensical and sometimes politically incorrect way. Please do take all statements with a grain of salt or acetyl-para-aminophenol. Love is a strong emotion that you mostly feel on your chest area. When it gets too strong it can […]

3 top attributes the sharks look for before investing: A rare Shark Tank’s behind the scenes video

Shark Tank: BTS

Did you ever wonder what goes through the minds of the sharks when making investments? Watch this fantastic behind the scenes video where you’ll hear the sharks sharing really great insights into their decision making process, how they relate to each other, their opinions on the current status of America’s struggling economy, and the 3 […]

The top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

NOTE: This article original’s source is here. I re-posted in this blog because their server was unavailable when I tried to access it on Dec 28th, 2011. I could only access the text version cached by Google. Bronnie Ware wrote: For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone […]

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How to Date 20 Wonderful Women in 60 Days – A Quick Guide to Online Dating Success

Back in 2008 I was single again after a 4 and a half year relationship and was ready to start looking for a new partner. My younger sister had just become engaged with a fine gentleman she found online and she encouraged me to try my luck at the online dating game too. The timing […]

Protected: Corporativitis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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How to get Ashton Kutcher to tweet about you

Back in Jan 2011 Ashton Kutcher tweeted to his 6+ million Twitter followers that he loved one of my demo videos. Here is Ashton’s tweet: Within 3 hours from this casual tweet over 30 thousand fans checked out my video. After one year it is still one of my most watched and loved explanatory videos. […]

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How I Got a $20,000 USD Cheque from Microsoft

Someone just rang my buzzer. I let him in without asking. It is probably the mail guy. Moments later I see him approaching my door. It’s a FedEx guy. He hands me a thin FedEx envelope. I sign on his digital device, his job is done, off he goes. I am curious, this envelope is […]

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The Best Visual Definition of Typography Ever!

If you ever wondered what typography is watch this beautifully crafted animation.

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Enter the world of beat-promo videos, a revolutionary new way of marketing physical products

A beat-promo or beat-demo is a type of product marketing video in which the sound track is composed by only using sounds created by operating, striking, or rubbing the showcased product with or against a variety of objects or surfaces. In essence, the product is transformed into a musical instrument used to promote the product […]

Woody Allen keeps delivering magic with Midnight in Paris

I was captivated by Woody Allen’s magic the first time I watched Annie Hall (1977). 34 years later Woody keeps delivering his magic. Midnight in Paris is a beautifully crafted film and a must-watch for anyone that enjoys great storytelling. Here some keywords that come to my mind after watching this great movie: Paris, whimsical, […]

Toy Story is not about technology, it is about telling a story – A 1996 Interview with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter from Pixar

In this 1996 interview by Charlie Rose , Steve Jobs and John Lasseter (Chief Creative Director at Pixar) talk about the role of computer animation in creating their 1995 block buster Toy Story. Notice how John Lasseter emphasizes the importance of story over technology and how Pixar made a conscious effort to empower their animators […]

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New Grumo: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls for the Demi and Ashton Foundation

A couple of weeks ago Ashton Kutcher approached Grumo to create a video explaining their recent Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign. It has been a great honor and pleasure to produce a video for such a great cause and I hope our small contribution can help make a difference to solve this horrible issue. […]

Video: Safe Sex in Graffiti

Not only this is a incredibly well crafted stop-motion advert, it also has a nicely executed story and a strong message at the end. What an original way to encourage safe sex! Telling messages with no voiceover is quite a challenge and look at how well the story is told. I also would like to […]

Ben Crawford from Epipheo Studios

Ben Crawford is one of the co-founders of Ephipheo Studios which is one of the most popular and successful producers of explanatory videos. They call their videos “epipheos” which is a combination of the words epiphany and video. Since they released their super popular epipheo “What is Google Wave” they have been able to sign […]