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Here is how Grumo takes breaks

One of the things I decided when I started Grumo Media was to never take my business and life too seriously. The authentic me is silly and irreverent like many of our videos. The other day I was working very hard and hadn’t taken a break in over 10 hours.. Then I looked at my […]

You’ve never seen an orange dance like this

Check out this funky dancing orange animation Grumo produced for EatThisMuch. This animated loop was an special request after we completed the EatThisMuch demo video (watch it here). The orange is their mascot and Louis DeMenthon, EatThisMuch CEO, wanted to bring it to live in a unique way.. and what a way! hehe Ok, now […]

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New Grumo: Gaudium

Gaudium is a software company specializing in developing awesome applications for iPhone, Android and Web. Demo video produced by

The WordPress Song (by Grumo)

Grumo introduces a new beginners course on WordPress and for the launch Miguel sings you a tune with his guitar. Check it out (Watch at your own risk): Yes, are you still alive? Good, hope you don’t need brain therapy after this.. Need a Website? Learn WordPress the Grumo Way! No web skills required, I’ll […]

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Feliz Navidad 2011 Amigos!

Miguel and Grumo Say: Feliz Navidad Amigos!

Feliz Navidad amigos! I want to say thank to you all.. my dear clients, students, mentors, fans, and friends for your business, advice, love, and invaluable support! Happy Holidays and see you in 2012 for much more awesomeness! Peace, love, and cookies! Cheers! Miguel PS: Here is a special XMas video message from the CEO. […]

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Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez about the inDinero demo video

Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez for her blog about the process of creating the inDinero demo video. Basically, Jessica gave me freedom to ask myself my own questions so I had fun (as usual) coming up with funny answers. Here is the interview (also posted on inDinero’s blog HERE): Who are you? My name is […]

Video: Safe Sex in Graffiti

Not only this is a incredibly well crafted stop-motion advert, it also has a nicely executed story and a strong message at the end. What an original way to encourage safe sex! Telling messages with no voiceover is quite a challenge and look at how well the story is told. I also would like to […]

Thank You from Miguel Hernandez

Today is a special day for me. I have officially lived longer than Morrison, Hendrix, Kobain and even Jesus Christ. I’m a lucky man and I am so happy to be surrounded my so many wonderful people! Thanks to you all! Best, Miguel Here is a little present for the fans. (I promise the body […]

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Viral Video: Light Saber Duel by French Men

You cannot take your eyes off it till the end because it has all the ingredients of a great epic movie. Drama, suspense, high stakes, violence, “great” special effects, an unlikely hero involved, and a tragic ending. We are just missing the princess (may she is the one taping her hero from the safety of […]

Hacking Online Dating The Grumo Way

Back in 2008 I was single again after a 4 and a half year relationship and was ready to start looking for a new partner. My younger sister had just become engaged with a fine gentleman she found online and she encouraged me to try my luck at the online dating game too. The timing […]

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How the way you wipe your bum can save the world. Crunchers vs Folders

(Para leer la version en castellano de este articulo Haz Click Aqui.) Everything fascinates me, and when I mean everything I mean even things that are down right bizarre. We are trapped in bodies we did not choose, that were given to us for free to experience life, and that we can control with our […]

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How to create mayhem with a mirror and a Chinese hat

When I was about 12 I got into trouble by doing another of my usual experiments. We lived in the most bizarre house I have ever seen, at least in Bilbao, Spain. Our house was an old fort built during the Carlist war back in the mid 1800s. It was built on the side of […]

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