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Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

Animation produced by Grumo Media Adapted by Ross Bollinger Based on this article by WaitBuyWhy: We want to thank the folks at WaitBuyWhy for letting us bring to life their awesome characters! Script: It’s 4am, and you’re plugging away at a term paper due the next morning. If you consider yourself a procrastinator, most […]

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How To Find Your Passion | Grumology

So many options, paths, possibilities, career choices and so many of us stuck not knowing what to do with our lives. Being stuck for a little time is normal but when the “stuckness” feeling spans over too many weeks, months, or even years, then it’s time to do something about it before we expire! Well, […]

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Why is soda cheaper than water?

Hola Grumo fans of the world and beyond! We’re really excited to introduce our new Youtube video series called Grumology. To kick off this series we settled on this question: Why is soda cheaper than water? Well.. Do you know why? no worries, we didn’t have a clue either so we asked the Internet, processed […]

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