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How to create online courses that sell – Interview with Miguel Hernandez by Tim Cooper


I was interviewed by Tim Cooper from about creating, marketing, and selling courses online on my own and platforms like Udemy. If you have ever considered creating an online course and making money teaching online I think you’ll find this audio interview very interesting! Audio of the full interview: [Audio clip: view full post […]

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Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media by BeEfficientTV

Grumo shirt, Grumo hat, Grumotronix galore!

Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ahmed Al Kiremli from BeEfficientTV. We covered many interesting topics related to demo video production, running an animation studio, the beginnings of Grumo Media, my experience teaching on Udemy, and much more. I’ve been interviewed many times but Ahmed was by far the best prepared interviewer […]

How to create awesome demo videos for your business – Free Webminar


Today I had the pleasure to co-host a webminar about demo video production with Jon Acosta from Content Creators Lounge. If you are new to demo video production and are curious about what it takes to produce a great video for your company I think you will find this webminar quite interesting. We cover lots […]

Learn all about video production at Grumo Media – Interview with Miguel Hernández by Jon Acosta

Jon Acosta and Miguel Hernández chatting all things video.. oh yeah!

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jon Acosta for one of his video production Google+ Hangouts. What the full interview below to learn about the beginnings, inner workings, videos tips and future plans of Grumo Media. Jon Acosta is a Colombian American video producer & tech entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Jon […]

How to build your brand the Grumo Way – Interview by The Business Growth Podcast

Spencer Shaw interviewing Miguel via Skype on Jan 28th, 2014

Spencer Shaw from The Business Growth Podcast interviewed me about how I started and grew Grumo Media and its brand. We covered a lot of interesting topics. Among them I talk about affordable strategies to validate a business, content marketing, how I chose the name Grumo, teaching on Udemy, writing an effective demo video script, […]

How To Make Money Teaching on Udemy – An Interview With Miguel Hernandez


Joe Fier from interviews Miguel Hernandez about his experience creating online courses and selling them on Udemy. Do you want to learn how to create your own online courses? Miguel created a full course on Udemy where he has taught over 1000 people how to create, promote, and sell online courses on Udemy. Just […]

Miguel Hernandez On Conquering The World: Interview by Sebastian Marshall

Miguel contemplating the world somewhere in Madrid, Spain.

I recently reconnected with my friend Sebastian Marshall and after having a great discussion on Skype about business growth strategy, Sebastian suggested to interview me for his blog. Here is an excerpt of the interview: “On Conquering the World (the whole world)” by Miguel Hernandez, as told to Sebastian Marshall […] I see life as […]

How To Make Explainer Videos – Interview by ReelMarketer

According to ReelMarketer Miguel is a rockstar teacher. Well, thank you!

I had the honor to be interviewed by ReelMarketer about the world of explainer demo videos. It was a fun interview! Here is one of the questions: Why does video work to get buyers to make purchases or take the first step to making the purchase? MIGUEL HERNANDEZ: 
Video is only effective in converting prospect […]

The origins of Grumo Media: A story of trial and error – Miguel Hernandez


In this candid interview I share the origins of Grumo Media and reveal some of the strategies I employed to validate a business producing animated demo videos. If you are thinking to start an online business I think you will find a lot of actionable advice on how to get started without wasting too much […]

Grumo Advice to First Time Entrepreneurs

1 hour interview with Grumo Media's Founder Miguel Hernandez by Siosism - Wow!

If you have ever been curious about Grumo Media, its Founder Miguel, or starting your own company, then I really recommend you grab a coffee, tea, or Jack Daniel’s and watch this interview. During the interview Miguel shares lots of insights into how Grumo got started, managed to grow the company, and great advice for […]

Como Crear un Video Explicativo para Atraer Clientes o Inversion a Tu Negocio [Entrevista con David Cantone]


Hace poco tuve el placer de ser entrevistado por el fantastico David Cantone para su blog y poadcast en Para oir la entrevista simplemente navega a -> En la entrevista aprenderás acerca de: Cómo ganar visibilidad y atraer clientes para tu startup, sin gastarte dinero en marketing ni en publicidad. Descubre cómo Miguel […]

Explainer Videos Explained: Interview by The Local Method


Albert Hathazi from the Local Method Podcast interviews Miguel Hernandez about Grumo Media and the world of explainer demo videos. Listen to the whole interview here: Here is an excerpt from the interview’s summary: Miguel Hernandez started making awesome videos in an effort to promote his own start up. Here is the video that got […]

Grumo Media on

Grumers work hard but from where ever they feel like just run a great article about Grumo Media after interviewing me last week over Skype. Here is an excerpt that made me blush a bit: Miguel Hernandez has all the markings of an Internet star: he’s good looking, enthusiastic, and can talk for hours about things he cares about. But instead of taking that […]

Grumo Media profiled in popular Spanish video magazine


A couple of months ago I was interviewed by VideoPopular, a well known Spanish video production magazine. Here is the full article in PDF format: Thanks to Juan Patrón and Video Popular for reaching out and doing such a great job putting together the article. And thanks to my awesome sister in law Cait Pilon […]

Grumo Interview: Creating animations that inspire people – by Nick Navatta


Here is an interview with Nick Navatta, a talented animator who recently took our animation course. I checked his previous work and was impressed with some of his stop motion style projects. What really blowed my mind is that he created an amazing video animating his answers! Check it out here: An now the written […]