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New Grumo: VBallScore

Always know the score even if you are mowing the lawn.. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. When you need the official volleyball score, you need VBALLSCORE, the app that designates one person to keep track of the game and lets everybody else follow along. Maybe you can’t see the score from where you’re seated, or maybe you can’t see at all! Or…maybe the official […]

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Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media by BeEfficientTV

Grumo shirt, Grumo hat, Grumotronix galore!

Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ahmed Al Kiremli from BeEfficientTV. We covered many interesting topics related to demo video production, running an animation studio, the beginnings of Grumo Media, my experience teaching on Udemy, and much more. I’ve been interviewed many times but Ahmed was by far the best prepared interviewer […]

How I reached 10,000 Students on Udemy


I’m very happy – today I reached 10,000 students taking my courses on Udemy.. yipeee! When I published my first course 3 years ago I never thought I’d even get past 1000 students. I started with one course “How to create an awesome demo video for your business” followed by “How to create an awesome […]

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How to build an awesome home theater the easy way

It's time to build an awesome home theatre the Grumo Way.. oh yeah!

I recently realized a childhood dream – installing my own projection home theater system at home. It looks fantastic, it’s all I wanted, it was a fun project and it was affordable. Now we can enjoy Hollywood movies on an huge 11 foot electric projection screen, and it’s just awesome! I built everything in one […]

New Grumo: FlexPV

Put some wheels to your granpa!! .. oh yeah!

FlexPV is a battery powered wheel, controlled by a remote or smart phone. The wheel is propelled by a durable hub motor and fastened to any object with universal brackets. Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Open source communities have undeniably revolutionized the digital world, but now it’s time to take things one step […]

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The Life of a Microbe – Animation by Grumo Student Sonny Mickelson

This microbe made the cover of Times... but was it happy?

Sonny Mickelson took the Grumo animation course and produced this awesome animation about the life and tribulations of a lonely microbe. Sonny Mickelson is a Sydney-based writer with a sideline in silly stories. On her blog’s about page she writes: “Sonny Mickelson is an enigmatic figure, shrouded in mystery and known to very few. Currently […]

How to create awesome demo videos for your business – Free Webminar


Today I had the pleasure to co-host a webminar about demo video production with Jon Acosta from Content Creators Lounge. If you are new to demo video production and are curious about what it takes to produce a great video for your company I think you will find this webminar quite interesting. We cover lots […]

You’ve never seen an orange dance like this

This orange can dance better than you.. oh yeah!

Check out this funky dancing orange animation Grumo produced for EatThisMuch. This animated loop was an special request after we completed the EatThisMuch demo video (watch it here). The orange is their mascot and Louis DeMenthon, EatThisMuch CEO, wanted to bring it to live in a unique way.. and what a way! hehe Ok, now […]

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New Grumo: Eat This Much

Eat smart with EatThisMuch.. oh yeah!

Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans that meet your diet goals. It can be personalized for your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Then, once a week, we give you a grocery list with everything you need. Client Testimonial Ross and Grumo Media totally blew away my expectations with how good this video is. I […]

Learn all about video production at Grumo Media – Interview with Miguel Hernández by Jon Acosta

Jon Acosta and Miguel Hernández chatting all things video.. oh yeah!

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jon Acosta for one of his video production Google+ Hangouts. What the full interview below to learn about the beginnings, inner workings, videos tips and future plans of Grumo Media. Jon Acosta is a Colombian American video producer & tech entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Jon […]

New Grumo: Rocketrip

When your employees travel using Rocketrip everybody wins! .. oh yeah!

Explainer video produced by Grumo Media. Your employees travel a lot and it’s costing your company zillions of dollars. You want your employees to treat the company’s money like it’s their own, but you know they can probably do better. So.. if you could reduce travel expenses and reward employees who cut costs, you’d be […]

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Larky for Financial Institutions

Get loyalty rewards on the go with Larky.. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. If you run a financial institution, you know that loyalty retention and wallet-share are mission critical. But 20% of consumers consider switching accounts every year and even if they stay with you, they’re likely to buy half of their financial products from someone else. So how do you […]

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New Grumo: CommVault Simpana

Put your data in its place with CommVault Simpana.. oh yeah!

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. It’s your job to you keep your company’s data safe. But your data is growing by the day and it is everywhere. And so, managing and protecting applications and databases in both physical and virtual environments is becoming more and more challenging. And backups and restores take a lifetime. […]

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Get a Grumo video for half the price! – With the new Startup Plan

Grumo Form Header-paper-post

Today we are introducing a special discount program for startups. For a limited time, if your startup qualifies, we’ll produce an awesome Grumo demo video up to 90 secs for only $5K. That’s half of our current base price rate! ($10K for a 90 sec demo video.) So how do you qualify? Simple. Just meet […]

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New Grumo: Connect

Connect better with all your friends with.. Connect (duh)

This video has been produced by a bunch of creative grumosapiens at Grumo Media. Your friends are all over the place, literally different cities, countries, and who knows some day even planets.. And online is the same deal.. some are on Facebook, some on Instagram, on Whatsapp, linkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, It doesn’t make sense to […]