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New Grumo: - a new approach to credit decisioning that reduces defaults by 25% to 50% .. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Lenders have been using pretty much the same underwriting process since the 1970s, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that standard credit models kind of well… suck. You see, too many bad loans are getting made and too many good borrowers are getting turned down. That means […]

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New Grumo: MimioMobile

MimioMobile Explainer VIdeo by Grumo Media

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. These days, schools are using all kinds of mobile devices to enhance learning, but new devices mean getting up to speed with new apps and software and figuring out how to use them in the classroom which can get pretty complicated… That’s why we created MimioMobile, an app designed […]

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New Grumo: VetX

Is your FooFoo sick? Well download VetX and get him fixed today.. oh yeah!

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. When you have a concern about your beloved pet, it can be very upsetting. It’s particularly frustrating because they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them! Do you go to the vet? Do you consult Dr. Google? Do you hope for the best and do nothing? Now, you have […]

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Grumo Student Alvaro Bilbao Makes 10,000 Euro After Taking My Course

Curso de Alvaro Bilbao - El Cerebro de tu Hijo

Me acaban de llegar el tipo de noticias que más feliz le pueden hacer a un instructor online como yo. Mi alumno Alvaro Bilbao acaba de superar los 10,000 euros en ventas con su curso “El Cerebro De Un Niño” De qué va su curso? pues nadie mejor el mismo Álvaro para explicarlo en este […]

New Grumo: WagPlate

WagPlate - good food for you pooch.. oh yeah!

Explainer demo video produced by Grumo Media. Everyone knows fast food is bad for your health. But would you let your dog eat that stuff? Well if you’re buying the average doggie-chow, or even premium products, then unfortunately there’s a pretty good chance you are! That’s why we created a better option, WagPlate — a […]

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Trusted Choice – Appetite Engine

Trusted Choice demo video

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. You know the type of risks that grow your business in today’s competitive insurance market. And you know you have specific agents who could write those risks with their eyes closed. Trouble is, attracting more of the clients you want and less of the ones you don’t, is […]

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This Thursday I’m sharing key lessons I’ve learned in the last 5 years running Grumo Media

Miguel chewing on a wad of $100 bills

Hola Amigos! I’ve spent all this summer creating my biggest Grumo course up to date. It’s called “How to build an awesome online business” with over 100 video lectures where I share everything I’ve learned running Grumo Media for the last 5 years. But before I launch it to the world I was asked by […]

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New Grumo: BeanBright

BeanBright Explainer Video by Grumo Media

Explainer video produced by Grumo Media. The research is clear, getting parents involved in their child’s education outside of school dramatically improves that child’s performance in school. But parent-teacher communication can be pretty old-fashioned, and rarely includes simple ways that parents can further their child’s education at home. That’s why we’re introducing Beanbright! A service […]

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New Grumo: AdToApp

AdToApp explainer video

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Meet Zeke. He’s out to change the world with a groundbreaking new mobile app. The trouble is, with four jobs, he barely has any time to work on it! Now if he could earn a little money with his app, he’d be able to spend more time developing […]

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New Grumo Student Demo Video: Teacher Dashboard by Szilvia Beky

Get the most out of Office 365 with TeacherDashboard... oh yeah!

It’s my pleasure to publish yet another great demo video from one of my animation students. This time Szilvia Beky created an animation for an application called Teacher Dashboard which helps teachers get the most out of Microsoft Office 365. Here it is the video: Here is a bit of background on how Szilvia produced […]

New Grumo: Specright

Specright: the first-ever cloud-based, full specification management, mobile ready-platform

So you make a product and it has a packaging spec that’s crucial to your business. But with no standard system for organizing and managing specifications, your data is often inaccurate or can’t be found at all. This leads to some pretty serious problems: you’re slower to market, it’s costing you more money, and you’re […]

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Eat This Much – Song Demo Video

EatThisMuch Explainer Song Video

Song explainer video produced by Grumo Media. This is the first time we produce a jingle demo video and we had a blast making it. We thought it would be fun to try a different approach to explainer videos and approached former client Louis DeMenthon to be our guinea pig. He loved the idea and […]

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XTremeIO and ScaleIO by Proact

Proact Explainer Video

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. In today’s changing I.T. landscape you now have several applications and workloads driven by mobile, big data, social and different types of clouds. And while data growth can mean new opportunities… keeping costs low, and managing and accessing data can mean a whole whack of new challenges. A […]

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The Top Explainer Video Cliche Every Company Should Avoid

Far too often we come across explainer videos that tell us some company’s product will “save time and increase sales,” or maybe “save money and increase time,” or some other iteration of this general concept, and each time this statement is uttered, it’s accompanied by the inevitable clock and dollar sign graphics. Don’t tell us you […]

Who ever said Santa wasn’t tech savvy? –

Santa is now tech savvy and he wants to text you!

Explainer demo video produced by Grumo Media. Producing this video was a blast! It took a while to find the perfect voice for Santa but once we did everything came together nicely. Here is what Jennifer said after we delivered her video: From concept creation to final editing, Grumo makes video creation seem like a […]

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