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Passions fade and why that is a good thing

(This is and excerpt from a previous article named 5 steps that will help you discover your true passion.) I don’t think all passions are timeless, they do fade away and that is good, we evolve and our passions do too. For some reason the romantic part of us loves the forever and ever happy […]

5 steps that will help you discover your true passion

This post is an answer to Sebastian Marshall’s article Passion Emerges From Action, Not Contemplation. At the end of his post Sebastian says: “Miguel! I’d love to hear your take on narrowing down your passions sometime since I know you’re working on fascinating stuff.” Well here is the answer: Note: this is a long article. […]

Two effective ways to accelerate success

We are obsessed with success, with successful people, companies, actors, products, stories, but why? There are many reasons and some are more selfish than others. But really, most reasons are selfish. Mainly because success seems to be a pursue that is inherently about satisfying our own egos more than others. Instinctively, we seek pleasure where […]

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