This article is part of a blog series where Grumo attempts to define common terms in a nonsensical and sometimes politically incorrect way. Please do take all statements with a grain of salt or acetyl-para-aminophenol.

They are a natural source of baby nutrients, lust and self esteem issues.
They vary tremendously in size, shape, texture and usually come in pairs or even numbers.
They tend to be roundish, soft and wobbly and end on a point devised to be sucked on called nipple.

Anything that resembles a human female boob automatically triggers all sort of warm fuzzy feelings around the groin area of most males.
Boobs are extremely desirable in most cultures and both women and men crave to posses them either on their chest or in their mouths.

Boobs are potent weapons of mass distraction and therefore the cause of many traffic accidents.
Many women are not happy with their boobs so they go to the doctor to change them, sometimes to make them bigger, sometimes to make them smaller and unfortunately sometimes because they lost them due to disease or an accident.

Boobs are the ultimate mesmerizing multi purpose tool, babies need them to survive, they lure men into making more babies, and bosses into giving raises.
Life in general is so much more fun with boobs, there are lots of them everywhere.. about 6 billion of them!

Thank you..BOOBS!
by Grumo

Frame from animated ad for Valege Lingery - produced by Wanda Productions

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