New Grumo: ASAPS Amy

Demo video produced by Grumo Media.

I adore my baby. She’s smart, funny, and endlessly cute. What I do not adore is that post-pregnancy baby pouch that has thus far resisted about a million soul cycle sessions and months of eating right.

And the idea of continuing to be a slave to Spanx is, well… excruciating.

Frankly, I’d had enough. I decided to look into plastic surgery to kick that baby pouch for good. That’s when it got confusing.

I mean, which doctor do you choose?

The first surgeon I spotted on a billboard, but when I had a look at his credentials it turned out he wasn’t a plastic surgeon at all.

The second surgeon I found through my hairdresser, but that guy wasn’t even medically trained! The third surgeon, well, she was just right.

She was an ASAPS member! Professional, knowledgeable…
She gave me a variety of options. I chose liposuction!

And thanks to ASAPS, my post-baby body looks just as fit as my pre-baby body. For more information, visit Smart Beauty Guide dot com.

For any cosmetic work only trust ASAPS certified plastic surgeons

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