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Feliz Navidad and Happy 2013!


Hola amigos, The world did not end.. yipeeeeeee!!! That means I get to finish all the chocolate chip cookies baked by my mother in law, oh yeah! Also it means that on behalf of the Grumo team I can thank you all of you, clients, students, fans, foes, and groupies for an amazing 2012 full […]

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New Grumo: Vimpelcom

VimpelCom Group Intranet Site: the best intranets in the whole world at least!

The VimpelCom Group Intranet Site is a system that is capable of connecting, informing and engaging leaders throughout the company. Demo video produced by

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New Grumo: ST Happenings

ST Happenings: It's time to get off the couch and out on the town.. oh yeah.

The Straits Times Happenings is an app that lists all of the exciting things happening in your area. Depending on your mood, you can search by category like arts, exhibitions, gigs, films and other events. Explainer demo video produced by

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