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New Grumo: What is Zympi?

Zympi is a Location Based Mobile advertisement platform that delivers time specific targeted coupons based on demographics and consumer behavior. Explainer video produced by Client testimonial: It was really a great pleasure working with you. Through out the process, you and your team were with me advising, taking notes on the unmet needs and […]

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Grumo Media profiled in popular Spanish video magazine

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by VideoPopular, a well known Spanish video production magazine. Here is the full article in PDF format: Thanks to Juan Patrón and Video Popular for reaching out and doing such a great job putting together the article. And thanks to my awesome sister in law Cait Pilon […]

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New Grumo Student Explainer Video:

Here is new demo video that Frederik Lamote created for his awesome new service Romantify after taking our animation course. Finding and organizing a romantic experience results in a lot of unnecessary organisational hassle. Romantify takes the troubles out of finding and organizing you the perfect romantic experience, so there’s no more excuses! How long […]

Wesley Virgin – 7 Day Fitness Program

Wesley Virgin is an amazing fitness program that will get you back in shape in no time! Animated demo video by Loved the demo video @grumomedia did for 7Day! check their awesome work at" — Wesley Virgin, MVT (@SevenDayFitness) July 25, 2012

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Quartzy – Lab Management Made Easy

Quartzy is an awesome free lab management platform that helps your lab move faster. Explanation video produced by Managing a busy lab can be a real nightmare! How do you deal with a zillion orders? Emails? white boards? come’on!! Or how do you track your lab inventory? Excel? Stone tablets? nahh.. How about booking […]

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ReadyForZero – Make debt scared of you!

ReadyForZero users are getting rid of debt twice as fast as other people. And the service is easy and free. Yes, it’s like having your very own financial planner, free of charge. So take control, and start making debt scared of you!

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DISQUS – Discover Awesome Communities

Disqus is a commenting platform that powers millions of exciting online communities all over the web including many of the most popular websites and blogs you already love! Introductory demo video produced by Like many human bipeds, Jack is a man of many passions.. He is a soccer fan, loves Japanese food, but above […]