Zympi: Collect loyal customers respecting their privacy

New Grumo: What is Zympi?

Zympi is a Location Based Mobile advertisement platform that delivers time specific targeted coupons based on demographics and consumer behavior. Explainer video produced by http://grumomedia.com Client testimonial: It was really a great pleasure working with you. Through out the process, you and your team were with me advising, taking notes on the unmet needs and[…]

Romantify: put a spark back into your love life, oh yeah!

New Grumo Student Explainer Video: Romantify.com

Here is new demo video that Frederik Lamote created for his awesome new service Romantify after taking our animation course. Finding and organizing a romantic experience results in a lot of unnecessary organisational hassle. Romantify takes the troubles out of finding and organizing you the perfect romantic experience, so there’s no more excuses! How long[…]