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WorryPad a place to unload your worries

Before starting Grumo I created a few sites for fun. One of them was called WorryPad, a website where anyone can share their worries and get cheered up by means of a big “Cheer Up” button. I thought it would be great to have a place online were people would help each other feel better […]

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Trailer for the Madrid music video

Here is the trailer for the music video I shot for my friends in Madrid so you can get a glimpse of what is to come.. The group is called elpuntomuerto which literally means the dead point which it’s the way Spanish refer to the neutral position on a standard vehicle. To find possibly two […]

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AppSumo love – 100,000 views surpassed!

Grumo hits a nice traffic milestone just breaking 100,000 page views in the last 30 days! It has taken almost a year to reach these many views and to be fair about 10K of them were generated by an AppSumo deal promoting my Grumo Course. Here is a screenshot from with the evidence: Over the […]

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Grumo inspired demo video by CrowdSquared

I love when Grumo fans share their work with us. Today Trevor Fitzgerald of CrowdSquared shared a nice little demo video he created after finding some inspiration watching Miguel’s interview in Mixergy. Here is Trevor’s promo video: I asked Trevor to share a little bit about the process of creating this demo video: How long […]

How to Zoom, Pan, and Show key strokes in ScreenFlow

In this Grumo Tut, Miguel Hernandez teaches how to zoom, pan, and show key strokes in ScreenFlow. Doing so it’s so simple you have to see it to believe it! but it sure took a while to figure out how to do it.. hehe. Produced by

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New Grumo: What is Faronics Power Save?

Power Save by Faronics is a smart power management solution that allows your IT team to easily manage the energy consumption of any number of computers. Animation by

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New Grumo: What is Spool?

Spool downloads any video or webpage to your phone to enjoy later anywhere you are even if you don’t have an Internet connection! Animation by Spool on TechCrunch:

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New Grumo: What is Netplenish?

Netplenish automatically delivers the products you buy over and over again from the merchant with the lowest price each time!. Produced by Here is a testimonial from the happy people at Netplenish: “The Grumo experience from start to finish has been the best. We researched lots of companies and Miguel and his team stood […]

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