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Be the next startup blockbuster with Grumo! now offering amazing high end 3D demo videos

In true startup spirit, Grumo continues to innovate by pushing the boundaries of demo video production. We are excited to announce a new partnership with to produce amazing 3D ads that will help you promote your startup like never before. Here are 2 samples of the how cool your startup video could look like, […]

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New Grumo Media Look!

Summer is here and Grumo welcomes the new warm and sunny season with a slightly new look for our website. Basically, there are have been 4 minor changes. Take a look: Can you guess what are the changes? Here they are: Logo changed: instead ot having “Grumo Media” in plain text, we used a cooler […]

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Roger Lima – The Sound Design Master

Roger is a great example of what the digital orchestra man of the 21st century looks like. Roger is a talented drummer, guitar, and keyboard player who has an uncanny ability to combine both his real instrument playing abilities with his digital composing ones to produce extraordinary sound tracks. Here is one of Roger’s most […]

How to create a great product demo video using Keynote

So need you a video to promote your startup but don’t have enough budget hire a studio to produce a custom demo video. No problem, here is how you can use Keynote to create a great looking demo video and save thousands of dollars. Other than your time and the cost of the software (less […]

Enter the world of beat-promo videos, a revolutionary new way of marketing physical products

A beat-promo or beat-demo is a type of product marketing video in which the sound track is composed by only using sounds created by operating, striking, or rubbing the showcased product with or against a variety of objects or surfaces. In essence, the product is transformed into a musical instrument used to promote the product […]

Here is proof that landing page videos rock – inDinero doubles conversion rates, the online financial dashboard for businesses created by 21 year old Silicon Valley wunderkid Jessica Mah, has come forward with some hard evidence that using video on their homepage has helped double their conversion rates. inDinero has spent two months doing rigorous split testing between a more traditional landing page design and a page […]

Great demo video using Keynote by a Grumo Student

Here is an example of a great demo video created with Keynote by Paul Lopes from rForm. Paul was on a tight budget but really wanted a demo video for his new startup so decided to take the Grumo Course to learn to write and produce a great demo video. Here is how Paul put […]

New Grumo: What is Insight by Faronics?

Insight by Faronics is an awesome computer lab management solution that helps you transform classroom chaos into an efficient, collaborative learning environment. Created by

Javier Bardem doesn’t know how to drive but who cares

Javier Bardem hates cars, is afraid of them, he calls them “speeding bullets”. In this Time Magazine interview, Javier confesses that he has never taken a driving test, cannot sing, played rugby for 14 years (hence his wide neck), would die to work with Al Pacino, and takes him a lot of work to prepare […]

Woody Allen keeps delivering magic with Midnight in Paris

I was captivated by Woody Allen’s magic the first time I watched Annie Hall (1977). 34 years later Woody keeps delivering his magic. Midnight in Paris is a beautifully crafted film and a must-watch for anyone that enjoys great storytelling. Here some keywords that come to my mind after watching this great movie: Paris, whimsical, […]

Toy Story is not about technology, it is about telling a story – A 1996 Interview with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter from Pixar

In this 1996 interview by Charlie Rose , Steve Jobs and John Lasseter (Chief Creative Director at Pixar) talk about the role of computer animation in creating their 1995 block buster Toy Story. Notice how John Lasseter emphasizes the importance of story over technology and how Pixar made a conscious effort to empower their animators […]

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New Grumo: What is VideoGenie?

VideoGenie helps you capture all your fans’ passion by easily letting them record short videos of themselves from any web browser or mobile device. Created by You can try VideoGenie yourself right now! Simply go click on the orange button and record your own short 30sec video telling why you love us. Have fun! […]

The CEO of VideoGenie sings Grumo Media’s praises

Grumo Media just finished another Grumo demo video (watch it HERE) for VideoGenie and who could be better to give a great testimonial than VideoGenie’s very own CEO, Justin Nassiri! Thanks Justin, it was a pleasure to produce another awesome demo video for you too! Do you love Grumo too? Let us know like Justin […]

Why the Windows 8 demo video is a low-budget YouTube success

Microsoft just released a demo video for the long awaited Windows 8 OS. I think the video is very simple, low budget, but effective. Also It is very surprising that a multi-billion corporation would not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video for such an important product. However, seeing that it already has […]

Learn how the Grumo Course helped Seth Price create his first demo video for his startup TurlyTag

TurlyTag - Lost and Found Made Easy

Seth Price, one of my first Grumo Course students, created this cute promo video for his recently launched startup TurlyTag. It makes me very happy to see that by sharing my knowledge I can help almost anyone get the basic skills required to produce a video that will help them promote their product and increase […]