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New Grumo: What is BO.LT?

BO.LT allows you to create variations of any web page in seconds! Just enter any link and BO.LT will automatically create an exact copy of your page and give it a unique BO.LT address. Then just click anywhere to change pictures, type new text, or delete stuff. And you know what? NO web skills are […]

How to get a great demo video cheap

How to get a great demo video cheap?

I have been producing short animated demo videos for startups for over 4 years now and have found that about 70% of the startups that approach Grumo simply cannot afford a $5-7K promo video. That is the nature of the non-funded or the bootstrapped startups, cash is low which forces them to be frugal with […]

Running an Animation Studio by Grumo Media – Interview by Animation Orbit

I was interviewed by Adam Fraser from Animation Orbit about the ins and outs of running an animation studio: Click on the questions to jump to the answer for each: Could you start by telling us by how you got into the animation industry and how you ended up starting Grumo Media? At Animation Orbit […]

Kasey Lum and the Google Voice video

Kasey Lum is a talented young Motion Designer from Vancouver Film School. Kasey has a unique talent to combine 2D and 3D seamlessly and beautifully within the same animation. I really like his ability to make transitions super fluid and organic and how he can make even the simplest illustration come to life with clever […]

Demo video inspired by Grumo – TruPortfolios

Tyler Tomas is a Grumo fan that has created a grumo inspired demo video for after watching my interview on Here it is: It makes me very happy to see my work inspires people to create awesome demo videos. I really like Tyler’s friendly voice and the overall laid back feeling of the […]

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New Grumo: What is WhiteyBoard?

WhiteyBoard, the eco-friendly, multi-use, stick-on whiteboard that comes in a bunch of sizes, from post-it size, all the way to 3.3 x 6 feet. Oh Yeah! Video produced by Grumo Media. Just in case you want to karaoke the WhiteyBoard song to your friends: WhiteyBoard! Boardroom size for your walls Kitchen size for your fridge […]

Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez about the inDinero demo video

Jessica Mah interviews Miguel Hernandez for her blog about the process of creating the inDinero demo video. Basically, Jessica gave me freedom to ask myself my own questions so I had fun (as usual) coming up with funny answers. Here is the interview (also posted on inDinero’s blog HERE): Who are you? My name is […]

New Grumo: What is inDinero?

inDinero is a cool online financial dashboard that allows you to track your business financial health from one central location. It works by connecting to all your accounts and analyzing your transactions to give you a detailed overview of how your business is performing. Created by grumomedia Meeting Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero inDinero was […]

New Grumo: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls for the Demi and Ashton Foundation

A couple of weeks ago Ashton Kutcher approached Grumo to create a video explaining their recent Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign. It has been a great honor and pleasure to produce a video for such a great cause and I hope our small contribution can help make a difference to solve this horrible issue. […]