Video: The Secret History of Silicon Valley by Steve Blank

In this video serial entrepreneur Steve Blank takes us on a exhilarating ride through the history of Silicon Valley. The talk is an hour long but Steve made it seem short thanks to his great storytelling skills. Learn how the race for technological innovation during WW2 was one of the major forces to kick start[…]


New Grumo: What is an Anybot?

Anybot is a personal remote avatar. Basically, a very smart webcam on two wheels that allows you to interact with people and move around at will using just a web browser and the arrow keys on your keyboard. Video produced by Producing the Anybot Grumo: A Geek’s dream come true After Alexis Ohanian promoted[…]


How To Create Videos That Get You Customers – Mixergy Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media

Last week I had the great honor to be interviewed by the great Andrew Warner on his show. Andrew has interviewed hundreds of very successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, among them Paul Graham, Jimmy Wales, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. I have been a total fan of Andrew’s interviews for over a year[…]


Mentor: Gabriel Napora

Gabriel Napora is a very prolific local Vancouver producer with over 12 years of experience. Through his company, Triton Films, he has produced and over 1000 projects that range from hundreds of music videos, corporate videos up to multimillion TV ads and several full feature films. Gabriel became quite known in the local industry as[…]