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How to record great voiceover audio with an iPhone and a Blanket

In this tutorial I will teach you how to record great voiceover audio with just an iPhone and a blanket to block background noise. (Make sure you crank up the audio on your computer so you can clearly hear the difference in quality when recording under the blanket). WARNING: If possible use a CFL or […]

Grumer: Ryan Uhrich

Ryan work is breathtaking to say the least. We were very lucky at Grumo to be able to hire his services just before he got busy again after his return to Vancouver this winter. Ryan happened to be the 40h applicant on our first round of hiring and the wait was worth. As soon as […]

Grumer: Jeanette Seah

Jeanette Seah was the first motion designer to ever be hired by Grumo Media. Jeanette is one of the very few candidates with a reel that excelled in both illustration and motion skills. Jeanette has a deep passion for story telling which is reflected in many of her works. Grumo tasked her with a very […]

The Story behind the name Grumo

We call our videos grumos. Grumo is the Spanish word for clump. It doesn’t mean anything in English but is an easy to remember, fun and unique word, exactly what our little demos videos aim to be. However there is a story behind the name. About 10 years ago we had four cats. The oldest […]

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Grumer: Zak Cain

Zachary Cain was hired to animate the storyboard for our grumo “Fridge” a really cool upcoming YCombinator startup from New York. There is always a risk to hire someone you have never worked with before. And even more risk, if in like this case he is working remotely in NY and me in Vancouver. Zak […]

New Grumo: What is Fridge?

Just before I got extremely busy producing grumos for all the great startups of the world, the great Austin Chang contacted me to produce a cool intro video for Fridge a YCombinator startup. The Fridge is a really cool social network that makes it super easy to share your stuff with only the right people, […]

New Grumo: What is Breadpig?

Breadpig is an uncorporation that deals in delightful geeky wares. Breadpig donates all of its non-sustainable profits to organizations and individuals doing great things for the world. Created by Grumo Media